Why choose Aspire UCS to support your ultrasound training?

We’ve successfully taught hundreds of people sonography skills over the past 35 years.

Our wealth of experience training multi-professional ultrasound users has taught us that you cannot fast-track the skills needed to undertake this amazing imaging modality. You need to have a solid knowledge of the underlying principles of ultrasound generation to be able to drive your ultrasound system well. On top of that, we believe you need to have a good appreciation of anatomy and pathophysiology to enable you to adopt a systematic approach to your ultrasound technique.

Only with practice and personalised mentorship and support will you become proficient. Being competent will improve your confidence in diagnosing and treating your patients. We have a shedload of tools to offer, with our unique approach to learning. We have a comprehensive range of online video courses, face to face small group workshops focussing on the individual needs of the learner. In addition, we can be the "sonographer on your shoulder" when you either subscribe to our mentorship group and/or purchase our courses.

Did you know that ....

.... the founders of Aspire UCS have been instrumental in writing and publishing the very first set of professionally-endorsed abdominal ultrasound guidelines?

The 'Small Animal Veterinary Guidelines for Professional Ultrasound Practice' published by The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), endorsed by The European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (ECDVI) provide all veterinary ultrasound practitioners with benchmark standards for performing abdominal ultrasound.

This free, open access electronic document is aimed at primary care veterinary ultrasound users, vets and veterinary nurses, who seek support when delivering the very best possible patient care for their clients.

Check out our endorsements of 'what' and 'how' Aspire UCS undertake ultrasound training guaranteed to meet learning objectives

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Here's what some of our happy clients had to say about our training:

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Meet your instructors

Angie & Julie — the founders & course instructors behind Aspire UCS - who are they and where have they come from?

We KNOW how much pressure busy vets and vet nurses are under. We also know it can be hard to find the time (and money!) to invest in quality ultrasound CPD.

Aspire UCS can help you if you relate to any of the following:

  • You have an ultrasound machine in your practice, but you don't feel confident to use it

  • You'd like to improve your soft tissue abdominal ultrasound skills but aren't sure where to start

  • You would like to become more confident at ultrasound guided techniques

  • You enjoy using ultrasound but want your competency to match your enthusiasm

  • You want to learn basic point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) techniques to help with critical clinical decision-making

  • You would like to increase the ultrasound revenue within your practice but don't feel sufficiently competent to justify higher prices for your clients

  • You currently outsource your ultrasound scans but would like to keep the revenue ‘in house’ whilst still providing good quality care. Outsourcing limits the availability of ultrasound to your patients

  • REMEMBER - when it comes to ultrasound, you don't know what you don't know!

Why trust Aspire UCS?

Because we really know our ultrasound and how to teach it!

Ultrasound is the most operator-dependent form of diagnostic imaging.

It requires dedication and practice to hone the fine motor skills needed to assess structures in detail and appreciate the function of the controls to drive your ultrasound system. With a global shortage of veterinary ultrasound specialists, there has never been a better time to enhance your understanding of ultrasound techniques and develop your skills and abilities as a practitioner.

Our range of online video courses and face-to-face ultrasound events will enable you to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of ultrasound image formation that underpin high quality diagnostic images

  • Develop a clear understanding of how to drive your ultrasound system to maximise image optimisation and improve diagnostic potential

  • Learn the importance of adopting a thorough, systematic approach to all scans undertaken, and how to assess structures comprehensively in more than one plane

  • Identify any diagnostic limitations of a scan and work within own scope of practice

  • Recognise normal findings and when structures differ from the normal appearances

  • Archive correctly annotated, representative images which corroborate your scan findings and support your technique

  • Appreciate the importance of one-to-one and one-to-many mentorship support when learning an operator dependent form of imaging and/or working in isolation

  • Undertake basic in-plane needle guided diagnostic procedures

  • Safely and successfully introduce ultrasound-guided locoregional anaesthesia of the hindlimb into your practice

Want a sneak preview into our latest course?

Fundamentals of Ultrasound-Guided Locoregional Anaesthesia of the Hindlimb

What those in the know are saying about Aspire UCS

“Aspire UCS have been vital in helping me to establish and develop the imaging department at Wear Referrals as a solo veterinary radiologist. They assisted Wear Referrals in recruiting, interviewing and hiring a suitable permanent human sonographer and have been critical in providing high quality veterinary ultrasound training, which is both reproducible and auditable, enabling our team to perform ultrasound consistently to a high standard. Angie and Julie are fun to work with and have developed a professional working relationship with our team of veterinary clinicians, radiographers, nurses and animal care assistants.”

Naomi Earley BVSc DipECVDI MRCVS, Imaging Specialist, Wear Referrals Hospital

“I have known and worked with Angie for the past few years. Angie is a very skilled and knowledgeable ultrasonographer and an excellent teacher with a desire to see others succeed. Virtual Veterinary Specialists is very pleased to collaborate with Angie to deliver high quality ultrasound training to our clients.”

Nuala Summerfield BSc BVM&S MRCVS DipACVIM(Cardiology) DipECVIM-CA(Cardiology) RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology, Director, Virtual Veterinary Specialists

“This whole course was excellent. It was clear that a lot of effort had been put into the creation of this course. All the videos were very clearly presented and well-rehearsed. I wish I had this as a resource whilst at university, and I feel a more streamlined version of this course may be very appealing for this sector (ultrasound teaching/training was non-existent for me at university).”

Andrew Crosland, Dr of Veterinary Medicine and Rotating Intern at Linnaeus Specialist Referral Hospital

“Angie Lloyd-Jones (Director at Aspire UCS Ltd) provided a fantastic seminar to our specialist anaesthetists demonstrating how to drive an ultrasound machine! I picked up some great tips for enhancing visualisation of my needle for nerve blocks. Angie's methodical approach to image optimisation really helped! ”

Matthew Gurney BVSc CertVA PgCertVBM DipECVAA FRCVS, Clinical Director, Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists

“I started my ultrasound journey in my first year as a veterinary graduate thanks to Angie Lloyd-Jones. I was taught the principles of ultrasound machines and their probes. Angie taught me how to locate the bladder, liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys and how to recognise ultrasound artefacts. Ultrasound is a vital diagnostic tool as it is safe, quick, painless, non-invasive and can yield so much information, especially in an acutely sick pet. The Aspire UCS courses are a fantastic way to improve your skills and to build structure to your ultrasound scans. You are never too old to learn and to up-skill! Forever grateful to Aspire UCS for teaching me this wonderful skill!”

Niamh Casey MRCVS Surgical Intern, Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital

“I attended the Abdominal and Thoracic POCUS Course for RVNs ran by Aspire UCS. This course was perfectly designed to give a RVN fantastic skills to transfer straight into practice. This was a most informative, well-run course with theoretical components and plenty of actual practical hands on training relevant to all levels of clinical experience. It will add a vital quality to any veterinary service and has allowed us to provide a streamline service for triaging in a busy emergency department as well as general patient care within the hospital. The course gave me confidence by giving me a clear structure to follow when scanning a patient. I feel as a nurse that some courses lack relevance to referral work but this has proven invaluable in my role. Continued support from Aspire has also been fantastic! If I have a query, they are always there to help. ”

Annabel Kerr RVN Deputy Team Leader, Specialist Referral Hospital

“"I really enjoyed the course and you’ve inspired an interest in ultrasound, you were so patient and explained things really well. I’ve always struggled to interpret an ultrasound image and now I feel so much more confident! "”

Louise Hodnett BSc (Hons) RVN, Head Veterinary Nurse, Winsford Veterinary Surgery

“‘It’s always a pleasure to work with Angie Lloyd Jones from Aspire UCS. Her consistency and openness in planning and delivery means that she is very approachable. I have had the pleasure of creating live ultrasound training with Angie over many sessions and her wealth of knowledge and dedication to training shines through. Angie knows exactly how to explain difficult concepts in a clear and concise way and this helps to build confidence with those who work with her. She is great at getting best out of people and I look forward to the next time we can work together. ‘”

Dr Caroline Taylor, BSc BVetMed PGCert (SAM) MRCVS, Primary Care Vet, Demonstrator for Celtic SMR and Founder of The Slim Pet Vet

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Our full course on 'Key skills in small animal abdominal ultrasound' is available to purchase now. In just a few weeks, we will be introducing smaller online video lessons to meet the individual needs of our learners, as well as launching our unique online course on ultrasound-guided locoregional anaesthesia of the hindlimb.

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