Upcoming events list

We have a variety of upcoming events available with dates for each event below. If you'd like to know more, click on each event for more details.

March 2024

  • BSAVA Congress 2024 - presenting The Aspire UCS 'Agony Aunt' Ultrasound Workshops in the BSAVA Congress Village along with an RVN PoCUS Presentation, 21st - 23rd March 2024,  Manchester Central.

May 2024

  • The 3rd VECCUS Symposium  on the 29th May 2024, in collaboration with The EVECC Congress, 30th May - 1st June 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden 

June 2024

July 2024

September 2024

October 2024

December 2024

  • The British Medical Ultrasound Society - Vet Stream Study Day -  December 2024,  Venue TBC -  A relaxed, informal but informative day of  pure ultrasound CPD  for  multi-disciplinary non-specialist ultrasound operators (the vet stream form part of the 3-day Medical Ultrasound Annual Scientific Meeting)

Abdominal and Thoracic Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) For Veterinary Nurses

Are you ready to become ultrasound-empowered? Our highly successful two day competency-based face to face workshop is specifically designed for experienced RVNs looking to diversify their skills further to support their veterinary clinicians in an emergency critical care situation.

We have countless positive endorsements for this highly practical, informal and informative 2-day event. We can promise that you will exit feeling confident and competent to undertake PoCUS scans in a critical or time-pressured clinical situation.

We strongly believe that NOW is the time for veterinary nurses to add these highly versatile skills to their clinical toolkit and actively support this nurse role diversification.

Aspire UCS Are Collaborating!

2024 is the time to become ultrasound-empowered! Make it your New Year's Eve resolution to improve your small animal abdominal ultrasound skills.

2-Day Abdominal Ultrasound Workshop

We are excited to announce that Celtic SMR and Aspire UCS are once again collaborating in 2024

We're offering an introduction to our 8-Step Abdominal Ultrasound Survey, a unique approach to teaching vets and vet nurses how to use ultrasound system controls properly to maximise diagnostic potential and how to develop a comprehensive and systematic abdominal ultrasound survey.

You'll be questioning the rationale for routine target scanning after attending this course!

Come and meet us!

Not only are we kicking off the event with our double-act presentation on the Aspire UCS 8-Step Abdominal Ultrasound Technique, but we will be running 'Aspire UCS Agony Aunt' ultrasound workshops on both event dates.

We will have 3 workstations for you to visit, manned by one of our knowledgeable Aspire UCS teams members, not simply experienced in clinical ultrasound, but also great at teaching ultrasound skills.

The workstations will be as follows:

  • One dedicated to addressing any worries or woes you may have for driving an ultrasound system properly. We know how critical it can be to diagnostic outcomes to understand the what, why and when for using specific controls.

  • Another on abdominal ultrasound techniques, endorsing Aspire UCS tips and tricks for improving confidence levels when using ultrasound . We can help you to tackle those difficult techniques, locate the hard to find structures, appreciate the rationale for technique adaptability and how to recognise normal structures on well-optimised ultrasound images.

  • And finally a fun but super-useful workstation for mastering your ultrasound-guided FNA skills on a series of tissue-mimicking phantoms

British Medical Ultrasound Society Vet Stream Study Day

Once again we are chairing this informative and relaxed face to face study day which aims to cover a wide range of veterinary ultrasound-related topics, both professional and clinical, to help promote best practice principles to veterinary ultrasound practitioners.

Presentations and practical demonstrations are designed to support a wide range of non-specialist imagers who either already use ultrasound within the veterinary profession or are keen to explore this exciting field of imaging.

We want to promote growth within our like-minded community by sharing essential knowledge, skills, ideas and ultrasound practices. Come and join us, not only will you learn, you will be able to contribute, enjoy the lunch included, network and have some fun en route!

This year we will be at York Racecourse on Thursday 7th December. All for just £80.00. Book directly through BMUS.

2-Day Practical Workshop on Ultrasound-Guided Locoregional Anaesthesia of The Hindlimb and Abdomen

Our groundbreaking two-day course on ultrasound-guided locoregional anaesthesia , delivered by European Veterinary Specialists in Anaesthesia and Analgesia. This is a unique practical workshop which enables our delegates to take home essential ultrasound system skills to deliver safe and effective ultrasound-guided locoregional anaesthesia and improve patient care.