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  • How long will I have to complete my course, once I have enrolled on it?

    You will have 90 days to complete your course but we send you weekly email reminders to keep you motivated! So, when you next have some downtime, you can to dip back into your learning and pick up from where you left off.

  • Can I have the course notes to download?

    Unfortunately we aren't able to give you the course notes to download, but you can screen shot them for future reference or to use as revision aids for the MCQ sections.

  • Do I have to pass any tests to complete the course?

    We want to you to exit our courses feeling more confident and competent to undertake scans, and blended learning is a great way to help you meet these learning objectives. We have added a few MCQs to the end of each course section to consolidate your learning and help you to feel confident that you have grasped those all-important points from our video lessons.

    If you don't get the questions right the first time around, you can repeat the MCQ test and try again. We don't think you will have a problem though, because all the information to pass the questions are included in the videos and the course notes.

  • Why do you include 'The Fundamentals of Ultrasound System Controls and Image Optimisation' as part of a bundle option for some of your courses?

    We have decades of experience in both performing and teaching clinical ultrasound to multidisciplinary colleagues. We KNOW how critical it is to your diagnostic confidence and capabilities, that you fully understand how to drive an ultrasound system before you start to scan patients. Since ultrasound is THE most operator-dependent form of imaging, you need to maximise your chances of reaching the correct clinical impression each time you scan. By having a sound appreciation of the underpinning knowledge of your ultrasound system function and controls, you can support optimum patient outcomes.

    If there isn't a bundle option for your chosen course, then basic ultrasound instrumentation and image optimisation will already be included in the video learning package!

  • Can I fast forward through the course without completing all the lessons?

    You can revisit previous lessons but the course runs on a linear platform and you must complete each lesson in order before progressing on to the next. We have designed the courses to ensure that you receive the information in a logical and structured manner, so that the course flows well for you.

  • Does the course price include VAT?

    Yes, we have simplified everything for the purchaser by ensuring that the price advertised on our website is the final product price - noone wants a nasty surprise at checkout!

  • What if I can't understand something? Can you help me once I have enrolled on the course?

    YES, of course we can! There are plenty of ways we can support our learners. You can always email us on [email protected] or [email protected]

    Alternatively, you can book an online mentorship session with us at a time to suit you - we can talk you through any problems you may have.

  • Will I get a receipt on checkout?

    Yes, you will receive a digital receipt via email once you have enrolled on our courses. Please email us though on [email protected] if you need a VAT receipt for your practice/line manager.

  • Will I receive a certificate on course completion, documenting the accrued number of CPD hours?

    Yes, you will receive an Aspire UCS Ltd certificate once you have completed each of our courses, whether online or on a face-to-face course. This will include the date of completion, the course title and the number of CPD hours accrued by the individual learner.

  • What if I change my mind and want a refund?

    You will have 14 days from your enrolment date to ask for a full refund.

    After that period of time, we will not be able offer a refund on our courses or events .

    In unforeseen circumstances, when Aspire UCS consider these to be acceptable, then a partial or full refund may be made, but this is at the discretion of Aspire UCS Ltd.

  • How long do I have to remain a subscribed member for, once I have joined the Aspire UCS Mentorship Group?

    We request a minimum period of membership and subscription payment of 6 months from enrolment date.

    This is to allow members every opportunity to fully explore the training tools and mentorship sessions on offer and maximise individual learning outcomes. This takes time.

    After the 6 month period, the monthly subscription can be cancelled.

    Alternatively, the full 6 monthly payments can be made in one instalment by contacting Aspire directly [email protected]

  • If I decide I no longer wish to be a member of the 'Sonographer on your Shoulder' Ultrasound Training and Mentorship Group, do I have to continue to pay my monthly installments?

    Up until 14 days from the date of your enrolment you have the option of a full refund.

    After this period, you will be expected to continue to pay the full number of installments.

    Installments have been designed to help make quality CPD more affordable to first opinion vets and vet nurses by spreading the costs.

    The full cost of the programme will still need to be met within the 6 month enrolment period.

  • Do you have any terms and conditions for use of an material associated with this website?

    Yes. Please see the Aspire Ultrasound Consultancy Services Ltd full Terms and Conditions section at the footer.